"I urge Cheshire Fire Authority to keep the number of FTE firefighters employed at Crewe Fire Station and to keep the second fire engine staffed on a 24/7 basis."


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Since 2010, we have lost over 106 full-time firefighter jobs and during this period, the number of fire deaths and non-fatal casualties has increased each year since 2013.

Our Fire & Rescue Service is currently reviewing controversial plans to downgrade Crewe Fire Station. The proposals include reducing the number of firefighters employed by the service.

These proposals would leave Crewe & Nantwich with only ONE fire engine that is staffed by full-time firefighters 24/7.

If these plans go ahead, that appliance will be the only one based in the whole of Cheshire East that is staffed by full-time firefighters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are currently two fire engines at Crewe that are staffed 24/7 by full-time firefighters. The proposals would mean that one of these appliances would be staffed using on-call fire-fighters only.

The service has struggled to recruit and retain on-call firefighters in Crewe and elsewhere in the county. At other urban stations where on-call firefighters are used, the fire engine is only available for some of the time. Is this really good enough?

On-call firefighters play a valuable role in supplementing the work of our full-time firefighters but should not be used to replace them. Residents want to keep the guaranteed cover that they currently get.

Our firefighters warn us that this will mean longer response times to emergency incidents. It will also mean fewer firefighters to do the important preventative work.

Since these plans were drawn up in 2013, our population has grown, more homes have been built, the number of HMOs (houses in multiple occupation) has grown significantly and more business units have opened.

We’ve got HS2 on the way, even more houses, more roads, more vehicles and more businesses. How can we justify fewer firefighters?

As your Labour MP, I am against the plans to downgrade Crewe Fire Station. I am urging Cheshire Fire Authority to protect our firefighter jobs, so that they can protect us.